Recently, I was asked to design a postcard by We Built This City – London Souvenir Store, for the Royal Wedding on 18th May 2018 of Harry & Meghan. I came up with a design that also included a photobomb of a beloved Royal Corgi behind Harry’s shoulder! I must admit I love to reflect a sense of humour with my Royal artwork that I enjoy so much and know that Prince Harry and Prince William would probably appreciate too. 🙂

Back in the day, it all started with my Harry Styles artwork caught the eye of the Carnaby Street store. We sold lots of the beautiful gicleé prints and thus a beautiful relationship blossomed with designs for Zayn Malik and George Michael. I began creating Royal themed designs printed as postcards that include Prince William and Kate Middleton’s famous wedding day kiss and a homage portrait of Princess Diana. More recently I have been inspired to create cheeky and funny designs of Prince George and now Princess Charlotte, depicted as normal children, being playful and not acting so regal as would be expected of them.

My Harry & Meghan artwork postcard was featured in a news report by the BBC,  alongside the many wedding day related art souvenirs on sale at We Built This City. It was great to hear how popular and fast my design was selling.

Check out the news item with my postcard in the first shot!

Watch the BBC Video now

Sabi X