I am delighted to reveal that some of my products have been ordered to be sold in The National Gallery. My Queen Liz Wave range includes Mugs, coasters and tote bag which are now all available in the middle shop in the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London.

My Queen Elizabeth Wave designs were originally created a few years ago when I was creating illustrations in my style and selling them to the shop We Built This City, based in Carnaby Street in London. My style is bold, colourful, pop art style where colours pop! I love creating illustrational interpretations of music icons, and Harry Styles was the first music icon that I created was ordered by We Built This City. The print was very popular and with that followed other icons like George Michael and Freddie Mercury. This opportunity with the shop allowed me to trial some Royal Family artwork, as I always loved the Royal family and I wanted to create some fun illustrations just to test the water and see if they were liked or not!

I loved the idea of mixing the Royals with every day people and created illustrations of Prince George and Princess Beatrice as modern day children eating Doritos on Hoverboard and having a sugar meltdown on Ribena and British sweets. The Royal artwork was a success and sold postcards of Princess Diana, Harry & Meghan, The Royal family gift wrap and this is where the Queen Elizabeth wave design was developed. Combining the Queens famous wave with 80s pattern was a refreshing take on Royal gifts and my range has been very popular for the last 5 years.

I have come a long way developing and promoting to sell my Royal range and it feels amazing to be able to sell my products in the National Gallery. Hoping visitors to the gallery will enjoy them and see the fun and joy I want people to experience when buying a Queen wave mug. I have had many customers contact me from Iceland and Finland who tell me how happy it makes them to drink their tea and coffee in their favourite Queen Liz mug.

The Royal ‘Gizza Wave Liz’ totebag also in the range which has sold in the British Library inspired from an anecdote in the book by Royal author, Karen Dolby, ‘The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family’.

She said: “Once when Prince Charles and the Queen were driving to the Ascot races in an open carriage, there was a loud shout from the crowd.

“Charles did not hear what was said and asked his mother.

“‘Gizza wave Liz!’ The Queen replied in her best South London accent, waving obligingly at the spectators.”

I love these to hear these everyday little anecdotes that bring the barriers of class and Royalty down to see them the same as you and me.

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