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Sabi Koz uses drawing, digital art and illustration to develop and explore a visual language that combines intimate emotional experience with the  use of  the seemingly superficial media iconography as a means of self analysis.

She graduated  in 1997 with a B.A Hons in Fine Art (2:1) from S.I.A.D in Surrey. After a short time developing her art career she settled into her other passion graphic design where she remained for over 10 years enjoying a varied and fruitful career in the industry. She returns to her artistic and Illustrative practices in 2012.

A complex time in her life becomes a starting point where a raw vehicle of expression was conceived. Restlessoul, a pseudonym she created that allowed her to explore her then struggling psyche through drawing and writing. This confessional work was becoming the hints of an artistic identity.

Now more unified in identity, her art and Illustration comfortably sits as Sabi Koz.  She continues using various techniques and styles such as digital, ink paintings, drawing on paper as well as influences of Pop from Art and Matisse; her work has progressed incorporating symbols and 21st Century media icons as emblems of her visual language.

Often ironic, honest, intimate, sincere and superficial in equal measures, her work displays her inner journey via the iconography of the modern age.  


Wynwood Art District – London E17
Solo Show Title ‘Inner Magic’
29 Feb – 27 March 2016

ArtVenice Bienalle 3, AT Via Garibaldi 1791 Sestiere, Castello, Venice, Italy 4th May 2015

Blisters 2014 (Poster Show) – PrintClub London – 9th September 2014

ShowCase Cities – Group Show -Rich Mix Shoreditch – 19th June 2013

London Erotic Art Show – Group Show -Artstyle Gallery – Kent  – July 2013

In Art We Trust, Group Show – The Bull Theatre, London – July 2013

ShowCase Cities – Group Show – Rich Mix Shoreditch – July 2013

London Summer Show – Soho Gallery Digital Art New York – U.S 31st July – 14th August 2013

Group Show – Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill, London – November 2013

Art on Hoe Street – Stow Brothers – April 2014 Walthamstow – London