I am very excited to share the Grazia feature of my Queen Liz wave plate in their November Christmas Presents For Mum: The Ultimate Mum-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide. This Christmas Gifts for Mum 2020 includes a plethora of the usual fluffy slippers, scents, socks and blankets..but for a change you could buy your mum..or godmother, aunt, sister and best friend, this awesome plate will put a smile on anyones face!

Grazia Christmas Gifts for Mum 2020

This beautiful, unique, hand printed, ceramic plate come in either 8’’ or 10’’, together the two sizes compliment each other as a side and main plate. It also makes stunning wall art.

Shop now for the accompanying Sabi Koz Queen wave range available in blue and pink on my website www.sabikoz.com

Cover image courtesy of Graziadaily.co.uk