It has been great to be involved in the whole process with my Harry & Meghan Postcard design that has been very popular and selling at the London Carnaby Street Souvenir Store – We Built This City.  I was so excited to settle down to watch such a beautiful moment in history of the late Princess Diana’s little boy Prince Harry, tying the knot with American actress Meghan Markle. They were lucky that 19th May 2018 was a warm and sunny day perfect for a Royal Wedding, and so many people turning up to watch the happy couple. I loved that I was tucked up on my sofa at home, watching it all with a mug of tea and my little Jack Russell pup lounging on my lap. 

The build up was awesome, as the guests started walking to St. Georges Chapel, seeing the Beckhams, George Clooney and his wife, Oprah Winfrey, Duchess of York -Fergie too! Prince Harry and Prince William finally made their appearances and they looked impeccable. 

The bride’s entrance finally came which was faultless walk, accompanied by Prince Charles part way.  As they met at the altar, Prince Harry told his bride “you look amazing”, to which Meghan replied “thank you”. It was lovely to see them finally both together.

I wondered if anything through the wedding would inspire me to create a new artwork..then Bishop Michael Curry started his wedding sermon and I think the nation was about to experience a first in history. A total of 14 minutes sermon delivered with passion about the power of love, the shots of the congregation including the Royal family were priceless and definitely a moment that will go down in history, finishing his speech with “and with this I’ll sit down, we got to get y’all married”.

So I found my inspiration and designed a postcard so we can all remember that awesome message of love forever and it is available now from the  SABI KOZ SHOP.